March 2015

The Educational Foundation of America (EFA), founded in 1959 by Richard Prentice Ettinger, funds work in the environment, arts, and reproductive health and justice. Since 1959, EFA has awarded over $40 million in grants to support reproductive health and rights. Today, the Reproductive Health and Justice Grantmaking Program aims to address, protect, and expand access to contraception and abortion through investments in organizations that bring an innovative, collaborative, and courageous approach to reproductive health, rights, and justice.

With this Request for Letters of Inquiry (RFLOI), EFA seeks to catalyze change in and shift the political landscape through broad advocacy efforts (c3 activities) that improve the availability of reproductive health services in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. These efforts may include, but are not limited to, litigation, policy reform, and movement building.

In reviewing submissions to the Momentum for Change Initiative EFA will look for:

  • State and local expertise;
  • Experience in advocacy and organizing efforts;
  • Collaborative, cross-movement alliances; and
  • Diverse and inclusive teams.

EFA encourages inventive proposals, which may include – but are not limited too – the following strategies:

  • Civic engagement;
  • Strategic communications;
  • Capacity-building;
  • Culture change (e.g. storytelling, film making, etc.);
  • Litigation and policy reform; and
  • Research supporting any of these activities.

EFA values a willingness to engage in constructive failure by documenting and sharing lessons learned.

Selected organizations will be invited to participate in a convening in year one and year two of the grant term. Location to be determined.


EFA will consider letters of inquiry (LOI) from public charities, academic institutions, and government entities. State and national organizations may apply. Organizations may submit individually or as part of a coalition. If submitting individually, organizations should describe their role as part of any statewide or regional coalitions. The number of proposals supported and total amount of support will depend on the nature and quality of proposals received. Proposed budgets should range between $75,000 to $200,000 per year for an organization; coalitions representing multiple organizations may apply for funding up to $300,000. Grants will be made for a two-year period.


To confirm eligibility and access our online LOI form, please go to: LOIs will only be accepted through EFA’s online system.

Projected Timeline:
March 2015: RFLOI released
March 31, 2015: Deadline to submit questions for conference call
April 7, 2015: Conference call for interested applicants*
April 20, 2015: LOIs due to EFA through online system
June 2015: Selected LOIs will be invited to submit full proposals
August 2015: Full proposals due to EFA through online system
October 2015: Grantee-partners will be informed of funding decisions
December 2015: First convening

* Should you choose to participate, pre-registration is required through this link: EFA will field only pre-submitted questions due April 20, 2015. Please submit questions to EFA at