Reproductive Health and Justice


For many decades, EFA has maintained an unwavering commitment to abortion rights and contraceptive access. In 2009, EFA decided to focus that commitment and created the Sustainable Population Committee. In 2013, in recognition that the Committee’s grantmaking from 2009 onwards had not focused on population matters per se, the Sustainable Population Committee renamed itself the Reproductive Health & Justice Committee. This name more accurately captured the Committee’s broader vision: a commitment to contraception and abortion access for all, as early investors willing to support organizations that are innovative, collaborative and courageous for reproductive health, rights, and justice. With this vision as a guide, the Committee began a strategic planning process in 2014.


2014 Strategic Planning Process

The Committee conducted an environmental scan that included an examination of our grants from 2010-2014 and interviews with our grantee partners, funder colleagues, and movement leaders across the nation.

The environmental scan surfaced many challenges and opportunities in the movement. Ultimately, it revealed the need for a greater variety of strategies to advance reproductive freedom along with an increase in cross-movement alliances. In addition, it demonstrated a need for greater investment in certain states, as well as a need for regional collaboration. Finally, what emerged was that focusing on the Rising American Electorate — young people, unmarried women, and people of color — was absolutely necessary.

After concluding the strategic planning process, EFA’s Reproductive Health & Justice Committee decided to hold an open application process for two initiatives that will take us into 2017.

Initiative One: Momentum for Change

The Momentum for Change Initiative supports litigation, policy reform, and movement-building in Ohio, North Carolina and Florida with the goal of shifting the landscape in these states to ensure availability of reproductive health services.

The application process for Momentum for Change has closed. To see an archival copy of the Momentum for Change Request for Letters of Inquiry, please click here.

Initiative Two: Access for All

This initiative supports service delivery and movement-building in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee with the goal of building infrastructure to support increased access to reproductive health services and fostering regional collaboration in those states.

The application process for Access for All has closed. To see an archival copy of the Access for All Request for Letters of Inquiry, please click here.

Initiative Three: Appalachia Initiative

Through deepening our investments in these target states, our Appalachia Initiative aims to improve access to abortion and contraception this Appalachian region.

The application process for the Appalachia Initiative has closed. To see an archival copy of the Request for Letter of Inquiry, please click here.

To view a complete list of past and current grantee partners, please refer to EFA’s Annual Reports.

Current Funding Opportunities:

The Reproductive Health and Justice Committee has created a modest pool of funds to support emergent and innovative work in the reproductive health, rights, and justice movement.

For example, if your organization seeks seed funding for:

  • Projects linking patients to movement-building,
  • Projects building new cross-movement alliances (e.g. reproductive justice and economic justice),
  • Projects testing new theories of change, new messages, or new ideas, or
  • Inventive uses of social media to reach new supporters,

we want to hear from you. Please click here to describe – in 250 words or less – your idea, project, or program. We will confirm all submissions.

Please note that in order to receive funding from EFA, you must be an organization a 501(c)3 public charity, academic institution, or government entity.